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Order Love Cemetery online  from  Amazon or from Book Passage.

A new edition has been released of:

Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna
with a new introduction by China.
Order from: Penguin

 or Amazon

Sally Cuneen reviews both books in the National Catholic Reporter





African American Museum
3536 Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 150157, Dallas, TX 75315-0157
214 565-9026


The African American Museum in Dallas is devoted to the preservation and display of African American artistic, cultural and historical materials. It has one of the largest African American folk art collections in the United States.

African Burial Ground Project
Office of Public Education and Interpretation
290 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
Phone 212-637-2039

In 1991, the remains of more than 400 seventeenth and eighteenth-century Africans and African Americans were discovered during while digging the foundation for the construction of a new federal building in downtown Manhattan. The African Burial Ground was designated a National Monument in February, 2006.  

American Anti-Slavery Group
198 Tremont St., #421
Boston, MA
800/884-0719    617/426-8161

While many believe that the slave trade ended some time ago, there are still over 27 million people held in bondage today.   In addition to chattel and sex slaves throughout Africa, parts of Asia, and many other parts of the world, cases of human trafficking have been documented in affluent neighborhoods in the United States.   Slavery isn't history.   Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery (Palgrave, 2006), edited by Jesse Sage and Liora Kasten, (introduction by Gloria Steinem), is a collection of first-hand accounts of slavery in the twenty-first century.   All proceeds from the sales of this book go towards the programs of the American Anti-Slavery Group.   Also see Not For Sale .

Ancestor Divination
Reda Rackley

Reda Rackley, M.A., is a cultural mythologist, storyteller and shamanic counselor. She lectures and facilitates women's retreats bridging mythology, depth psychology, and spirituality.   Reda was initiated into the indigenous medicine of the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso, West Africa.   She teaches ancient shamanic traditions through storytelling, ritual, and divination.  

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