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Order Love Cemetery online  from  Amazon or from Book Passage.

Purchase the most recent edition of:

Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna
with a new introduction by China.
Order from: Penguin

 or Amazon

Sally Cuneen reviews both books in the
National Catholic Reporter. Click here.


Bill Moyers says, "I guarantee that once you start, you will not stop, and when you are done, you will have discovered the healing power of Love Cemetery,"

china galland

is offering one-to-one sessions to help you:

  • Bring your creative project to fruition

  • Cut through whatever is "blocking" you

  • Integrate your life with your creativity, including spiritual practice and family life

  • Turn obstacles into sources of creative energy

  • Discover the story that's yours to tell

  • Establish a metaphorical container for your work, such as an altar

  • Learn to sit with what is unknown and/or uncomfortable

  • Play with movement, voice and paint to stretch your work with language

by drawing on her thirty years experience as:

  • Award - winning author (Penguin, Riverhead, and HarperOne.)

  • Buddhist - Christian Practitioner

  • Internationally recognized authority on the Black Madonna

  • Pilgrim and leader of pilgrimages to sacred sites

  • Wilderness guide (rivers and mountains), author of Women in the Wilderness

  • Interviewer (H.H. The Dalai Lama, Lech Walesa, Jose Ramon Horta)

  • Public speaker, university lecturer, professor-in-residence at CARE/Graduate Theological Union)

  • Photographer

  • Storyteller

  • Wife, mother, and most recently, grandmother

And for writers with book projects, she will help you:

  • Create a book proposal

  •  Find a literary agent

  •  Learn the nuts and bolts of bringing a book into the world including: permissions; art work and design; web-research; documentation; organizing and indexing files and data storage

  •  Establish and maintain productive and supportive relationships with your publishers/editors

  •  Effectively promote your book

  •  Become a powerful presenter and reader of your own work

  •  Understand the deep engagement with life that comes with putting your work out in the world

For information about scheduling, fees, shared sessions and anything else, please email writer@chinagalland.com or call (415) 451-7497.


With Longing for Darkness, Tara and the Black Madonna, Galland tapped a great spiritual hunger for the feminine face of God. (It was the first book published on the Black Madonnas in the U.S..) This June, 2007, Penguin brought out a new edition of this ground-breaking classic (first published in 1990). Her next book, The Bond Between Women, a Journey to Fierce Compassion (Riverhead) gave voice to the passionate lives of women activists struggling spiritually and physically to overcome violence and hatred in Brazil, India, Vietnam, and the U.S. Her newest book, Love Cemetery (HarperOne) tells a quintessential American story of race, land theft, environmental destruction, and family, The story of Galland's response to a request from an African-American elder to help her get back into Love Cemetery, an historic communal burial ground, reveals the many ways that the shadow of slavery continues to bind us to a past many would forget or deny. Yet, for us "to have a common future we have to reconstruct our common past." The story of Love Cemetery points the way to our shared future and opens up a path to reconciliation.