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Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna
with a new introduction by China.
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Sally Cuneen reviews both books in the National Catholic Reporter



Support the "Resurrecting Love Project"

The “Resurrecting Love Project” has three parts:

1) the completion of our documentary film, Resurrecting Love, now in post-production. Completion of our documentary is our top priority. Rarely has the need for racial healing in the U.S. been more fraught or more elusive. Honoring the buried history of slavery that this country has denied provides a replicable model of building community that can be used throughout the U.S. .

2) continue to work with the Love Cemetery Burial Association to maintain, clean, and keep Love Cemetery accessible.

3) continue to build relationships with educational, artistic, and culturally responsive organizations, institututions, and individuals as we lay the groundwork for a national pilot project in education.

"Resurrecting Love Project" is supporting the production of a video documentary on the struggle for Love Cemetery and the many layers of untold stories that surround it. You can donate online specifically to support this film project. 

Click here and you will arrive at our dedicated page at the Fractured Atlas website where you can donate instantly.

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The life-changing, life-affirming work of Resurrecting Love in truth-telling, reconciliation and community-growing is an outgrowth of China's writing. All of her books are grounded in real-world needs that she has experienced, in places as seemingly far apart as Nepal, India, and East Texas. Her work, of course, reveals how close and how deeply connected we all actually are. Denying people access to their ancestors, especially in the African-American community, represents one of the oldest and most challenging problems in our country today - the denial of our own history. This country was built its wealth on the backs of enslaved people by stealing land from Native people and nearly exterminating them altogether. It is the shadow of this our unacknowledged history that exploding into the racial violence we find in the streets today.

You will receive a letter of acknowledgment from Fractured Atlas for tax purposes.  All gifts are tax-deductible within the full extent of the law. Fractured Atlas, is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. The Keepers of Love is made up of colleagues, collaborators, friends, family, and members of our Advisory Board.